Sacred Dance Guild Joyous Board of Directors, We meet, we dance, we play in the community.

I want to share with you my recent amazing adventures at the Sacred Dance Guild Board August 2014 meeting in Ottawa Canada.

Our 2013-14 SDG board of directors

The meeting and dancing began. We danced as faries, made sounds and felt our bodies, and came from the Goddess like a drop of water flowing to the river. We compared notes on where were were and where we might be. We dreamed and schemed. Much eating and walking by the river, socializing and planning… and before you know it we were done with the old and into the future planning a lovely festival of sacred dance for the summer of 2015. IMG_1545.JPG


Together with community near and far we shared a rejuvenating Weaving Webs of LIght workshop lead by Cherie Hill.




We meet on a rainy morning, in a lovely old church hall. I was so happy to see many friends from past sacred dance festivals and events. I’ve been a lifetime member of the Sacred Dance Guild since 1995 and the friendships are so deep even though we seldom meet in the flesh (thank God for social media).

We started by stretching our beings on a dusty floor, with a harp guiding us into relaxation. Revealing in the mess and finding a place to be our best stretched self. I was amoung the group around the edges altering the moves to fit my needs. Moving as we could and appreciating the many young and old who could still do all those moves.





Off we went into Creative movement through the Webs of Light, alone and in community. Finding a place deep inside where the webs are shining, and spinning out to friends familiar and new. Beauty surrounds us. The harpist continued to fill the air with inspiration.

A drummer appreared, we learned African dance moves across the floor. All the bodies interpreting the moves, into an amazing symphony of dance.
Amazing how all the same moves are different and yet the same together.
For the first time I felt one with these dances and enjoyed them from tip to toes.

The delightful annual SDG membership meeting was full of updates by the board members, giggles and wiggles while we ate our scrumptious lunch lovingly made by the ‘men’ of the SDG board. The State of the Guild address delivered by Wendy our President was full of Reality, Hope and Gratitude. What an amazing group that a business meeting can be so much fun.

The afternoon was full of more dancing, we learned the choreography to
Break the Chain A dance that is done all over the work on Valentines day to support the end of Violence against women. For more info on starting an event or finding one near you go to One Billion Rising

Then the Moving Mandalas, choreographed by Cherie, We danced a Mandala of love and meditation and hope. This dance we then shared on Sunday morning in a local park to fill our souls with the best of all we are.

That night we embodied a planetary dance. We each brought our petitions forward and walked and ran and moved them into a splendid prayer of healing for our intentions and the planet we live on.

I was changed by this day of dance and reflections and community. My sense of who i am came a bit clearer. Myself a bit stronger, fuller, more splendid and calmer…. ahhh




Debbie Danbrook and her musical friends joined us for Dancing by the park Sunday morning in a park by the River and by then the mandala moves inspired us at Remic Rapids rock sculptures on Monday Evening. These embodiments of our purpose are highlights of why I love being on this board, we meet hard, we plan well, we take chances, we put ourselves on the line and online and then we dance into the world around us.




I look forward to our continued struggles and joyous affections and to the upcoming festival



Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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